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“No matter what walk of life you come from, you will find shelter in the light that this book provides.”

Aett Heimdallrsson

It is our privilege to announce that the Illuminatiam Testament has returned to the bestseller lists, continuing its more than 100 days at #1 and reaching thousands with its guidance to life, hardships, success, and this planet’s future. Countless studiers of its words have shared it with their friends, family, and associates across this planet. Their work has led millions to see the Light.

However, alongside the positive reaction from most readers, the Testament has uncovered a deep-seated resentment in others – a feeling that hides within a small segment of our wealthiest and most powerful members, and must be addressed.

Since its publication, some of our members have voiced concerns over the availability of the Testament’s message. Some believe that the Illuminatiam’s text should be reserved only for this planet’s elite and that by making the Testament accessible to all people, its message is devalued. They refer to the Tenet Of Value & Trade, claiming that if things of value are never free, then things of low cost must also have low value.

The greatest among us must never forget that they were once the least of all.

It is inexcusable to assume that this planet’s citizens are unprepared to learn the same truths as the elite. The Illuminatiam is written for all people, in all places – not just those of power, prestige, or wealth. It is a map to point the lost to the Light and a guide for those who already walk upon the path.

The value of something is not found in its cost, but in the sacrifice it requires to obtain.

An estate has less value to those who own dozens, but far more to those who own none. Paper money is no sacrifice to those whose immense wealth drowns out their exchange, but requires determination from those who have less. Though you may have much, consider those who do not but continue to seek the Light. The mind of a person is not valued by the money its body commands, but by the knowledge it chooses to be filled with.


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The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.




Hello Citizen,

Fear not for the struggles you face in this moment – be they money, relationships, war, or famine. These are impermanent and temporary concerns that plague every member of the human species regardless of wealth or power or prestige.

Hardships exist to harden the armor surrounding your soul. No one is free from their clutches. But know that you are always safe in the Light.

Your life is filled with many choices that determine your future. Sometimes you may wonder why things must be so hard and why some must struggle while others live in greatness. Is this truly fair?


Remember that wealth is a lie. Money is merely words.


The rich are no different from the poor and the haves are no different from the have-nots: all are bodies dressed in clothes paying for things with paper and stone.

Who decrees that gold is of more value than sand? Who claims that a paper with a number printed on it is more valuable than a fruit that grows on a tree? When one is hungry, they cannot eat paper or gold.

Words are the true power of the elite. Words say that printed paper and polished rocks can be traded for food and water and shelter. Words say that numbers on a bank’s computer screen determine one human’s value to be higher than another’s.

Words are the wealth of the wealthy. Knowledge is the power of the powerful.


If your life is faced with struggles, remember the power of the mind. Remember that your brain bears no physical difference from that of a millionaire, a billionaire, a queen or a president. Remember that those of power were born with minds as empty of knowledge as every other child — their choices of what to fill their minds with led them to a life of Abundance.

The choices you make now determine your life’s road. Fear not for where you are today.

We are always watching out for you.